Repository installation fails with "Failed to install Add-on from zip file. Installing the Add-on from the zip file located at _path_ failed due to an invalid structure."

This is due to downloading the wrong repository ZIP file, probably from GitHub’s big green download button. Please follow the installation instructions for the correct ZIP file.


Add-on installation fails with failed to install a dependency error

The failed to install a dependency error is caused by Kodi being unable to install a dependency required by our add-ons. The issue is usually due to other third party repositories set up in Kodi which are conflicting with Aussie Add-on’s add-ons. Try disabling or removing any repositories such as TVAddons, SuperRepo, Ares and any others you don’t specifically require.


DRM streams silenty fail to play with InputStream Adaptive: Could not open / parse mpdURL in Kodi’s log file

This is due to the ssd_wv library missing or an error with it, like a version mismatch between it and the inputstream.adaptive library. You could try re-installing the DRM libraries (from the add-on configuration settings).


DRM streams show grey/black screen of garbage with Kodi v17 on Android

The simplest solution for this is to upgrade to a nightly build of Kodi v18 from http://mirrors.kodi.tv/nightlies/android/.