Easy installation

Just follow the video below on how to add the repository quickly through Kodi.

NOTE: The add-on path to use is http://r.aussieaddons.com

Manual installation

First step is the grab the repo ZIP file.

Download the ZIP file to your Kodi device and install through the menu via:

System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file

The Kodi wiki has a good walk-through guide to installing ZIP files if you get stuck.

Installing add-ons

Once the repository ZIP file is installed, you can install the individual add-ons through the Kodi Add-on manager:

System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Aussie Add-ons -> Select the add-on category -> Select the add-on -> Install

The Kodi wiki also has a nice guide on installing add-ons via the Add-on manager.

Failed to install a dependency error

The failed to install a dependency error is caused by Kodi being unable to install a dependency required by our add-ons.

The issue is usually due to other third party repositories set up in Kodi which are conflicting with Aussie Add-on's add-ons.

Try disabling or removing any repos such as TVAddons, SuperRepo, Ares and any others you don't specifically require.